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» To meet the requirements of a modern Palletizing system, clarification of the following criteria must be made: «



  • Palletizer (accumulates designated stacking patterns on to a pallet).
    This type of system is able to: handle different types of product,
    meet desired spacing requirements, careful handling of products,
    good access, simple maintenance.


  • Case conveyors (handling of single cases, collations etc.)
    The case conveyors are part of the palletiser and are required as
    a buffer between the packaging area and the palletiser. For central
    palletising systems the case conveyors are required to collate, buffer,
    and sort the single sales units. The Pallet handling system is part of the
    factory logistics including conveyors, turntables, pallet shuttle cars etc.
    and if required, with automatic interface to the warehouse.
  • Secure and protect the loaded pallet.
    For transport purpose the loaded pallet must be protected against dust,
    humidity and instability. In order to meet the desired requirements for
    product transportation and logistics, we are able to offer the following: Wrapping
    with film, Shrinking with film, Bundling..
  • Data Record (marking, and product information)
    Quality systems make it necessary to save and mark products with their
    relevant information. This procedure must be work fully automated, without
    the need for manual intervention. The palletizing plant is the central point for product data and is the link between production line and logistics.